Tanja McCarthy, Baker

For the past ten years I have been creating beautiful and delicious wedding and celebration cakes, enjoyed throughout the whole State of Maine. Sitting down with my clients and working with them to make their cake dreams come true is a great pleasure and privilege.


 Growing up in Germany, where Kaffeeklatsch (gossiping, while drinking coffee and eating lots of cake) is a way of life, one could say that Cake is in my DNA.

At Savour Pastry School in Melbourne, as well as the French Pastry School in Chicago I finetuned my craft in all things Chocolate and Patisserie. 

My huge collection of baking books attests to my slight obsession with perfecting recipes and developing and discovering new flavor profiles.

Eating a dessert is one of the great pleasures in life and it should taste as such, bursting with flavor and texture. Therefore I will only use high quality, fresh and local products whenever possible.

Working out of my certified kitchen in Oakland, I invite you to stop by so we can talk about how to make Your cake dreams come true!